Music Mixtape

The following songs deserve a listen. A few times. 

– Arcade Fire – “Intervention”

– The 6th – “Aging Spinsters

– Sunset Rubdown – “Us Ones in Between”

– Animal Collective – “The Purple Bottle”

– Spoon – “I Summon You”


Well it’s that time of year…

here we go..!

Color Obsession: Coral

ahhh Coral, what a lovely, spring color!

Laughter is the best medicine


Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor

Laughter hits everyone in many different ways, whether it is hanging out with friends and family or watching your favorite movie. Not to mention, it is highly contagious and healthy for you. So never hold back a good laugh. Laughter boosts your immune system in ways vitamin C can’t. For example, researchers have reported that laughing decreases the hormones associated with stress and anxiety and increases antibody producing T-Cells. With the increase in T-Cells in our  bodies it makes it less likely to get colds, according to See laughter cures illnesses even before we get them.

No matter the day you might be having, even if everything might be going in the wrong direction, remember 15 minutes of laughter a day is the only thing you need to turn everything around. Researchers from the University of Maryland said that 15 minutes of laughter…

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Yes, junk food is delicious… but being healthy is hot

I love food that clogs arteries.


Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor

My favorite foods are ones that clog your arteries. The heavenly smell of bacon and cheese melting on your hamburger, the beautiful smell of buttery popcorn and then of course, fried food.

The midnight craving of McDonald’s french fries and of course, my personal favorite, the Wendy’s chicken sandwiches.

Then the greatest snack food of all time: chips and dip. Especially, wavy Lays Sour Cream and Onion. I can keep going, too.

It never helps browsing through Pinterest—especially when you are hungry—and seeing, in fact, the greatest creation that was ever made: Pretzel rods baked and wrapped in bacon.

My jaw dropped when I saw this legendary creation. I haven’t made it yet, but that day will come soon.

Again, I told you my favorite foods are the ones that clog your arteries. It’s not good.

But since the beginning of March, I changed…

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Abalone & Pearls


Students United… But The Fight Is Not Over

The vote to raise tuition in Connecticut State University’s and Community Colleges passed on Thursday (March 21). Check out the protest (with video and pictures) that happened at Eastern CT State University in Willimantic. Story published for the Valley Indy.

Shelton resident Jake Champagne couldn’t join the rest of his classmates in January at the start of the spring semester at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven.

Instead, at 21 years old, he needed to work more to save up money to pay for his next semester — hopefully he’ll have the cash by this fall. But with a tuition hike passed at Southern and other state schools Thursday (March 21), things won’t be getting any easier.

Click here to read on and check out the video and pictures!

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